PRAIRIE speedworks

Have you ever heard of an athlete being too fast?  WE HAVEN'T! We have heard of a lot of team sport athletes being TOO SLOW, however! The next level is always faster - regardless of the sport!

PRAIRIE Speedworks is for all athletes from all sporting backgrounds who are looking to take their training to the next level! Our spring & summer programs focus on acceleration, deceleration, maximum velocity, speed endurance, change of direction, plyometrics, running mechanics, strength, and stability. We work to improve movement patterns and mechanics and build the athlete's conditioning from a solid movement foundation. Our session goals are never to just make athletes tired; anyone can do that. We focus on mobility and soft tissue preparation every session and our sessions progress throughout the summer to prepare athletes for the fall when they typically return to their fall/winter sports. Our goal is to bulletproof our athletes for their upcoming seasons.  

We offer a variety of training options for athletes to accommodate their needs and development.

We've worked with athletes from a variety of sports and levels at PRAIRIE Speedworks including rugby, soccer, softball, football, volleyball, & of course hockey. Our athletes compete in the WHL, MJHL, USHL, NCAA, NAIA, USport, AAA and more!


spring and summer groups and programs

Speedworks Performance Groups - July and August

Speedworks JUNIOR/COLLEGE HOCKEY Performance Sessions

Private Sessions

Schedule permitting 1-1 or 2-1 sessions are available

Speedworks Individualized Programming

An integrative plan all summer long custom-built to suit each athlete's needs. Strength, speed, COD, endurance, & recovery, are all laid out weekly so that training sessions fit together and allow for optimal improvement. Skill session integration, nutrition integration, mindset integration, RPR, and more.