About Us

Prairie Storm Athletics is a small track and field club based out of Neepawa, Manitoba. We don't have the space for a large number of athletes to train with us and we don't have enough coaches to properly train for all of the different events in track and field at once so we keep our team small so that all athletes get a lot of coaching and attention.     

Our primary training focus right now is on sprints, middle distances, and horizontal jumps. We work to master movement mechanics, rhythms, and postures which certainly help athletes be successful in a variety of sports and other events within track and field. Sprinting involves a lot of focus on the development of power so our athletes have been able to do well in the jumps based on our training in the past. 

Our focus is always on the long-term development of both the person and the athlete. We strive to have a positive and fun environment that fosters growth in all of our athletes. It's our belief that sport teaches more than just technical skills and that so much can be learned about commitment, dedication, resilience, time management, personal and social skills, and much more. 

In years past, we have been fortunate to have our athletes make Provincial Teams, qualify for National Championships, break Provincial Records, place in the top 8 at National Championships (u16/u18/u20) in a variety of events, and even win National Medals including GOLD x 2 and multiple SILVER medals!

Prairie Storm Athletics is coached by Bryce Koscielny. He is Club Coach Certified in Sprints/Hurdles and has been working towards his High-Performance certification. He holds a variety of coaching certifications from numerous organizations and educationally has degrees in both Psychology and Physical Education.  

To catch a glimpse at us in action be sure to check us out on social media! We're on Instagram and Facebook.  

You can't out RUN the STORM!